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Vampire Killer[]

Song Information[]

Artist: 浅田 靖
BPM: 128
Video: なす
First Appeared On: AC V6
Length: 1:55

Song Connections / Remixes[]

  • This is a re-arranged version of the song in Castlevania Judgment with featuring different drum patterns.


  • The video used is various footage from Castlevania Judgment for the Wii.
  • This song is available through E-amuse with a save file from Akumajo Dracula (US: Castlevania): The Arcade on the player's E-amuse card.


GF/DM difficulty rated from 1 to 99. (Ratings obtained from BemaniWIKI)


Basic: 24
Advanced: 51
Extreme: 82


Basic: 22
Advanced: 50
Extreme: -

Open Pick[]

Basic: 26
Advanced: 54
Extreme: 83


Basic: 22
Advanced: 39
Extreme: 73

Gameplay Videos[]

Gameplay Video - Drums, Extreme difficulty, then Guitar/Bass/Open Pick, Extreme difficulty.

Other Useful Links[]

Original full version from Castlevania Judgement
Castlevania: Judgement Website (English)
Akumajo Dracula: The Arcade Website (Japanese)
Akumajo Dracula: Judgement Website (Japanese)