Song InformationEdit

Artist: Dragon Ash
BPM: 190
Length: 2:06
Album: Harvest (2003)
First Music Game Appearance: AC V6
Other Music Game Apperances: Jubeat Ripples


  • Fantasista became one of the official songs for the FIFA World Cup in 2002, held in Japan and South Korea. Coincidentally, Fantasista is an alternate name for a striker in football.


GF/DM difficulty rated from 1 to 99. (Ratings obtained from BemaniWIKI)


Basic: 20
Advanced: 50
Extreme: 76


Basic: 15
Advanced: 42
Extreme: -

Open PickEdit

Basic: 23
Advanced: 52
Extreme: 78


Basic: 15
Advanced: 35
Extreme: 75

Gameplay VideosEdit

Jubeat Gameplay Video - Jubeat Ripples, Extreme difficulty, Autoplay.
DrumMania Gameplay Video - V6, Extreme difficulty.

Other LinksEdit

Fantasista music video (full length)
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