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Song Information[]

Original Artist: T.Rex
Album: 20th Century Boy Single (1973)
BPM: 135
Length: 1:27
First Music Game Appearance: AC V6
Other Music Game Apperances: Guitar Hero 5


  • 20th Century Boy reached #3 on the UK singles charts in 1973. The song did not feature on an original studio album but was included as a bonus track on a reissue of 1973 album Tanx.
  • The song has also been featured in a 1991 Levi's commercial starring Brad Pitt and a Jameson's Whisky commercial. It is also the basis for the title of the Japanese manga 20th Century Boys.

GF/DM Difficulty[]

GF/DM Difficulty rated from 1 to 99. (Ratings obtained from BemaniWIKI)


Basic: 14
Advanced: 23
Extreme: 27


Basic: 14
Advanced: 19
Extreme: -

Open Pick[]

Basic: 16
Advanced: 23
Extreme: 28


Basic: 13
Advanced: 21
Extreme: 44

Gameplay Videos[]

DrumMania Gameplay Video - Drums, Extreme difficulty.

Other Links[]

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